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“I recently had a Technician for CGC at my home to demonstrate their cleaning method. I didn’t vacuum my carpet before he started his demo. When he was finished, he showed me the compound, hair, and carpet fuzz that he had taken from my carpets. My carpet was not soaked with water and I could see the results right then. I am extremely happy.”

Tiger Mathis
Las Vegas, NV

“Thank you very much for your assistance with cleaning my home.”

Miguel Garcia
Las Vegas, NV

“This is really great! Thank you so much for all your professional and straightforward help. Your dry carpet cleaning service is the best and most affordable service I have had! We love to continue using it. 2 thumbs up.”

Olivia Owen
Las Vegas, NV

“Hurray!!! The service was fast and a good experience. Carpet Green Clean was so helpful and informative. I was a little nervous about incorporating trying the NEW dry carpet cleaning method. They made me feel there was no way I could loose. And it is true! My daughter suffers from Asthma, and since I’ve been cleaning their area rugs with your low-water method, it has helped her significantly. It feels good to have been a part of that. I didn’t believe it would have such an impact. I am really impressed!!! Keep doing what you are doing.”

Amanda Turner
Green Valley, Las Vegas, NV

“I would like to take a chance to thank Carpet Green Clean on the cleaning service I received. I set up an appointment to see how the dry method works. I’m very pleased with the cleaning service. The Technicians are professional and courteous. The products used are very good as well. No strong smell, a natural clean smell. I also would like to give thanks for the information and time.”

Las Vegas, NV

“We were having our rooms cleaned quarterly by other cleaning products. We had to wait 6 hours before renting our rooms because of wetness. The rooms also smelled musty with the excess wetness. With the “Dry” carpet cleaning method, our rooms are cleaned in a matter of minutes and can be rented immediately. The smell is fresh and clean. It is so simple everyone should use it. Plus its affordable and effective. I highly recommend the Carpet Green Clean.”

Grace Aqino
Henderson, NV

“Truly remarkable! I was going to replace the carpet with tile throughout the house. When the technician cleaned the carpet it came out looking better than I ever remember them. Thank you.”

Micheal Harris
Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV

“The compound that’s used brings the natural color back in the carpets and the carpets are not soaked. It is much better than traditional carpet cleaning.”

Layla Monique
Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV

“Amazing. We just had our hallways cleaned with the dry method. It truly restored the carpet and pulled out dirt from deep down that other cleaning systems couldn’t.”

Jesty F. Vernon
Las Vegas, NV

“I think the system has advantages over hot-water method cleaning. It uses less water and leaves a pleasant odor. The system also “Livens” up the carpet.”

Reed Nellis
Green Valley, Las Vegas, NV

“I would like to thank you for both your professionalism and knowledge in helping me keep my carpet maintenance. As someone who cleaned with hot water extraction, I can say that my family is very impressed with the appearance of the carpets. So far, every cleaning I had has been a great experience which is very much appreciated! I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone. Thank you!”

Sam Negron
N. Las Vegas, NV

“We are very pleased with the results that we get when using the “DRY” carpet cleaning method. The carpets are dry upon completion of the cleaning process. This eliminates “drying time” and increases more time for my family to enjoy our day. The green rated chemicals are safe, non toxic and environmentally friendly. The system is effective. Our carpets are very clean, sanitary and pleasant smelling. Also, because no water is used, the carpets stay cleaner for longer periods of time and carpet replacement is reduced. I would recommend this system to anyone that is interested in improving the appearance of their carpet, increasing productivity and lengthening the life span of their carpet!”

Casey Dunne
Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV

“It has been over two months since we switched from hot water carpet cleaning method to dry carpet cleaning. Having used the hot water method for over seven years, I was not sure if any other company could surpass the results I obtained. Yet, when the Technician came to my home to show a free demo I was convinced, it was worth a try. My first “seeing is believing” personal experience came in a home with 20 year old, gold, sculptured carpet, that appeared to have never been cleaned. It has refueled our passion to spread the message of cleaning carpets with the most healthy and effective way we know! Thanks for all your help.”

Charles Jerkins
Henderson, NV

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